Foon, Dennis

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(1951-    ) US-born playwright and author, in Canada from 1973, where he became well-known for his plays for older children; of sf interest is the Longlight Legacy sequence, comprising The Dirt Eaters (2003), Freewalker (2004) and The Keeper's Shadow (2007), a Young Adult family drama set in a Ruined Earth-like landscape (though this venue may be a Parallel World); after adventures and disasters, some of them involving a Dystopian City, the tale segues into fantasy resolutions. [JC]

Dennis Foon

born Detroit, Michigan: 18 November 1951




Longlight Legacy

  • The Dirt Eaters (Toronto, Ontario: Annick Press, 2003) [Longlight Legacy: pb/Susan Madsen]
  • Freewalker (Toronto, Ontario: Annick Press, 2004) [Longlight Legacy: pb/Susan Madsen]
  • The Keeper's Shadow (Toronto, Ontario: Annick Press, 2007) [Longlight Legacy: pb/Susan Madsen]


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