Forgotten Fantasy

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US Digest-size magazine. Five issues October 1970 to June 1971, published by Nectar Press, Hollywood, edited by Douglas Menville. Forgotten Fantasy reprinted some ancient fantasy and Proto SF stories, but the long novel serialized in #1-#4, The Goddess of Atvatabar (1892) by William R Bradshaw, set in a Hollow Earth, was probably too dated to be successful even in the nostalgia market. A second serial, Hartmann the Anarchist (June-September 1893 The English Illustrated Magazine; 1893), by E Douglas Fawcett, began in #5; only a single instalment appeared. With his associate editor, Robert Reginald, Menville went on to publish in book form the Forgotten Fantasy Library (1973-1980), 24 volumes of reprint material. [FHP/PN/MA]


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