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(1932-2009) US author whose sf novels are for a Young Adult audience. They began with Call Back Yesterday (1981) and its sequel, Doomsday Plus Twelve (1984), a studiedly and effectively admonitory presentation of nuclear Holocaust as an event having little to do – contra much of wish-fulfilment Survivalist Fiction popular in the 1980s – with post-Bomb opportunities for self-fulfilment. In the first volume, a teenaged US girl's flirtation in the Middle East sets off, through a chain of stupidities, the final war; in the second, twelve years later, a young girl persuades the remnants of the US Army not to try to attack a benevolent Japan, which has had nothing to do with the war. Cry Havoc (1988), somewhat less interestingly, features the creation of killer dogs through Genetic Engineering gone awry in a military experiment. [JC]

James Douglas Forman

born Mineola, New York: 12 November 1932

died 11 November 2009




individual titles

  • Cry Havoc (New York: Macmillan Scribner, 1988) [hb/]


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