Frazar, Douglas

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(1836-1896) US soldier and author whose Perseverance Island; Or, the Robinson Crusoe of the Nineteenth Century (1885) is a Robinsonade. After sailing to the South Pacific, in order to establish a Utopia there with his fellows, William Anderson is trapped alone on a desert Island between 1865 and 1880, when he is rescued. During his sojourn he discovers, and kills, a prehistoric sea serpent nearly 150 feet in length (see Monsters); he also comes into possession of a vast pirate treasure. More importantly, he creates a high-tech domain for himself, his Inventions including a one-man-operated submarine and an advanced dirigible Balloon or Airship. [JC]

Douglas Frazar

born Duxbury, Massachusetts: 19 August 1836

died Somerville, Massachusetts: 20 February 1896



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