Friedberg, Gertrude

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(1908-1989) US author who also taught. Her career as a playwright began early, with Three Cornered Moon (1933), which was later filmed, but she began publishing sf only in April 1963, with "The Short and Happy Death of George Frumkin" for The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction. Her fine sf novel The Revolving Boy (1966) strikingly tells the story of a child sensitive from his unique birth in free fall to signals, possibly intelligent in origin, from beyond the solar system. He reveals his sensitivity by being forced to adjust himself – revolving balletically – so that his body is aligned in the direction from which the signals come. Friedberg's stripped-down but literate and humane telling of a tale with a catching sf premise has made this short novel into a minor classic in the field. [JC]

Gertrude Tonkonogy Friedberg

born New York: 17 March 1908

died New York: 17 September 1989


  • The Revolving Boy (Garden City, New York: Doubleday and Company, 1966) [hb/Tom Chibbaro]


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