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(1948-2002) US actor, playwright and author who began to publish work of genre interest with "Dancer in the Dark: Interlude Three" in When the Black Lotus Blooms (anth 1990) edited by Elizabeth A Saunders; after some fantasies for younger children with Brad Strickland, wrote, also with Strickland, the Young Adult Mars Year One sequence, comprising Mars Year One: Marooned! (2004), Mars Year One: Missing! (2004) and Mars Year One: Marsquake (2005), set in an experimental Keep on Mars, designed to test human ability to settle the planet (see Colonization of Other Worlds). [JC]

Thomas Edward Fuller

born Jasper, Alabama: 3 October 1948

died Atlanta, Georgia: 21 November 2002

works (selected)


Mars Year One

edited works

  • Once Upon a Midnight (?Atlanta, Georgia: Unnameable Press, 1995) with James A Riley and Michael N Langford [anth: chap: pb/]


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