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Originally the collective pseudonym of Russian authors Vladimir Gopman, Andrei Gavrilov and Mikhail Kovalchuk (VLADIMIR Gopman, Andrei GAvrilov, and Mikhail KOValchuk). For the purposes of this encyclopedia, for whose second edition he revised or wrote many of the entries on Russian sf, including Russia, this is the pseudonym of Kovalchuk writing solo. Russian critic and editor Mikhail (Andreevich) Kovalchuk (1951-    ) is a trained physicist who began publishing sf criticism in 1976, soon giving up his science career for professional journalism. His three critical works on sf are Vitok Spirali ["The Curve of a Spiral"] (1980) which was written by all three authors, Tchetyre Puteshestviiaa Na Mashine Vremeni ["Four Trips in the Time Machine"] (1983) and Ultimatum ["The Ultimatum"] (1989), the last being an historical study of the relationship between fact and fiction in the nuclear arms race. Among his various anthologies, of interest to English-speaking readers is World's Spring (anth 1979 Sweden; 1981). A contributor to various English-language reference editions, he revised or wrote many of the entries on Russian sf in the second edition of this encyclopedia. [VG/JC]

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Mikhail Andreevich Kovalchuk

born Moscow: 8 February 1951




works as editor

  • World's Spring (New York: Macmillan, 1981) [anth: translated by Roger DeGaris: previously published in Sweden in 1979: hb/Richard Powers]


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