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(1918-1997) Working name of Floyd C Gold, US critic and author, the brother of H L Gold. He began to publish work of genre interest with "Treachery on Planetoid 41" for Amazing in June 1940, a tale of two astronauts shipwrecked on an Asteroid with insufficient supplies to support both before rescue. He began writing the "Galaxy's Five Star Shelf" book review column for Galaxy in November 1955 and continued until 1963, reviewing hundreds of books, both science fiction and science fact. His novella Someone to Watch Over Me (October 1959 Galaxy; 2016 ebook), the cover story for that issue, was written in collaboration with H L Gold and appeared under the byline Christopher Grimm. It is about a space merchant who ventures into Hyperspace to amass wealth for his planned marriage and develops a beneficial trade relationship with the Aliens who reside there. [LW]

Floyd Clifford Gold

born New York: 9 August 1918

died Daytona Beach, Florida: 23 February 1997


  • Someone to Watch Over Me (no place given: Project Gutenberg, 2016) with H L Gold, writing together as by Christopher Grimm [ebook: first appeared October 1959 Galaxy: na/]


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