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(1949-    ) US author who began to publish work of genre interest with "The Flying Mountain" in Amazing for May 1987; some of his short fiction is assembled as The Moon Maid and Other Fantastic Adventures (coll 1998). Much of his work, short and long, either involves Time Travel to various eras, or is set in them; his range of protagonists is, in ethnic terms, extremely wide, and his use of characters who occupy sidebar roles in conventional versions of Western History is markedly effective. A picaresque diffusiveness marks (sometimes distractingly) the narrative lines of his two series. The Virgin and the Dinosaur sequence beginning with The Virgin and the Dinosaur (fixup 1996) carries its highly-sexed protagonists, via a Time Machine that uses Faster Than Light technology, into various eras, including the Mesozoic (where Dinosaurs fill the scene) and nineteenth-century America, on a Mississippi riverboat (Mark Twain is duly referenced); Atlantis Found (1997) climaxes in Atlantis. The Knight Errant sequence beginning with Knight Errant (2001) once again starts off with a sexual encounter between a bouncing female and an over-ready male, but evolves into an engaging historical narrative containing interesting speculations about the Wars of the Roses in pre-Renaissance England; an Equipoisal insertion of working witches into the mix adds some edge, perhaps.

Of Gárcia y Robertson's three single novels, the third, Firebird (fixup 2007), is a fantasy set in a witch-irradiated medieval version of Russia. It is precluded from Young Adult status, according to at least two reviewers, because it is as full of extremely casual Sex as his previous work. [JC]

Rodrigo Gárcia y Robertson

born 1949




Virgin and the Dinosaur

Knight Errant

  • Knight Errant (New York: Tor/Forge, 2001) [Knight Errant: hb/Julie Bell]
  • Lady Robyn (New York: Tor/Forge, 2003) [Knight Errant: hb/Peter Fiore]
  • White Rose (New York: Tor/Forge, 2004) [Knight Errant: hb/Peter Fiore]

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