Garnier, Charles-Georges-Thomas

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(1746-1795) French barrister, translator and anthologist now best known for his vast Anthology of (in the main) Fantastic Voyage tales, Voyages imaginaires, Songes, Visions, et Romans Cabalistiques ["Imaginary Voyages, Dreams, Visions, and Cabbalistic Tales"] (anth 1787-1789 36vols), which early demonstrated, through its seventy-one selected texts, the importance of that mode over the previous centuries. Many significant stories are here translated from various languages; large-scale works translated from English include Daniel Defoe's Robinson Crusoe (1719) (taking up the whole of the first three volumes), Jonathan Swift's Gulliver's Travels (1726; rev 1735) (taking up volumes fourteen, plus part of fifteen) and Robert Paltock's Peter Wilkins (1751) (volume twenty-two, plus part of twenty-three). In his seminal The Imaginary Voyage in Prose Fiction (1941), Philip Babcock Gove described Garnier's work as "the most important single publication in the history of the genre in any language". [JC]

Charles-Georges-Thomas Garnier

born France: 21 September 1746

died France: 24 January 1795



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