Gayar, Henri

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(?   -?1937) French author who has not yet been identified; the date of death here given is speculative, and Henri Gayar may be a pseudonym. Under various insignificantly varied forms of this name, the author was active from around 1899 to 1937; he also wrote as by Cyrius. Aventures merveilleuses de Serge Myrandhal sur la planète Mars (1908) and its direct continuation Aventures merveilleuses de Serge Myrandhal: Les Robinsons de la planète Mars (1908), both trans Brian Stableford as The Marvelous Adventures of Serge Myrandhal on Mars (2014) [for further details see Checklist], is a Planetary Romance set on Mars, the protagonist travelling there in a capsule propelled by mystical Psi Powers. In his introduction, Stableford notes various similarities between this tale and simultaneous novels by Jean de La Hire and Gustave Le Rouge, suggesting that the three authors were competing with each other, perhaps in a friendly manner. [JC]

Henri Gayar


died ?1937



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