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(?   -    ) UK author of a Young Adult sf novel, The Many Selves of Katherine North (2016), which is set mostly in not much modified Near Future Bristol, a futurity signalled by data-filled eyeglasses and the near disappearance of otters (in 2016 a resurgent species). The main innovation is the Invention of long-distance Identity Transfer from adolescent humans (hired by a large corporation for their psychic malleability) to "Ressies", previously set-in-place simulacra of various animal species created by advanced 3D printers. The ostensible purpose of the enterprise (beyond providing teenagers like the protagonist various opportunities to get in tune with themselves and their bodies) is ostensibly to increase mutual empathy among the species of the planet, though the use of the process to create human Avatars soon dominates the plot. The use of a culpably naive protagonist perhaps imposes to a degree upon the book's intended audience. [JC]

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