Gilmore, Anthony

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Collaborative pseudonym used in Astounding Stories of Super-Science by Harry Bates and Desmond W Hall, respectively editor and assistant editor of that magazine, for the enthusiastically received Hawk Carse series, put into book form as Space Hawk: The Greatest of Interplanetary Adventures (November 1931-November 1932 Astounding and July 1942 Amazing; coll of linked stories 1952) (for comments, see under each author). Carse and his Black assistant, Friday, are intrepid space adventurers dedicated to driving the Yellow Peril, in the form of the evil Dr Ku Sui, from the spaceways. Bates later revived the character, without Hall, in "The Return of Hawk Carse" (July 1942 Amazing) – also included in Space Hawk. [MJE]

see also: Astounding Science-Fiction.

"Anthony Gilmore"



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