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Working name of US politician and author Newton Leroy Gingrich (1943-    ), Speaker of the House of Representatives 1995-1999, contender in the run-ups to the American presidential election fo 2012, of interest here for his collaborations with William R Forstchen, beginning with 1945 (1995), a Hitler Wins tale in which Germany confronts America after its 1945 victory in Europe; and continuing with the Gettysburg trilogy comprising Gettysburg: A Novel of the Civil War (2003), Grant Comes East (2004) and Never Call Retreat (2005), which present an Alternate History of the Civil War extrapolating – as does Ward Moore's seminal Bring the Jubilee (November 1952 F&SF; exp 1953) – from General Robert E Lee's victory at the Battle of Gettysburg. Forstchen alone is a genre writer of shining efficiency; these titles give every sense of being full collaborations. [JC]

Newton Leroy Gingrich

born Harrisburg, Pennsylvania: 17 June 1943





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