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(1984-    ) US author who began to publish work of genre interest with "On Starlit Seas" in The Book of Exodi (anth 2009) edited by Michael K Eidson; he is best known for The Craft Sequence beginning with Three Parts Dead (2012), which submits the City at its heart [for Urban Fantasy see The Encyclopedia of Fantasy under links below] to a series of Equipoisal jolts, with what one might call urban planning conducted through an interweaving of Magic and Technology. Although the basic template of the series must be deemed fantasy, the gaps and thrusts of the complex ongoing tale, in which various Gods and Demons vie for dominance over thriving the industrial megalopolis of Dresediel Lex, clearly embody an inventive use of the varying registers available in early twenty-first Fantastika. The Bookburners serial, which he created and to which he has contributed several episodes, is fantasy, and features books animated by entities within them. [JC]

Max Walker Gladstone

born Concord, Massachusetts: 28 May 1984




The Craft Sequence


The Witch Who Came in From the Cold

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