Glossop, Reginald

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(1880-1955) UK author, long resident in France, whose The Coming Invasion!: How It May Be Prevented (1910 chap), is an unalarming Future War tract; he also wrote a few stories for Boys' Papers in the 1920s. Glossop is remembered almost exclusively for The Orphan of Space: A Tale of Downfall (1926), which lamely prefigures C S Lewis's Ransom trilogy in the conceit that Earth is a diseased planet barred from the higher spheres. The plot concerns the collaboration of a kind of spirit of Gaia with the ghost of a long-dead Chinese scientist to pass the secret of atomic energy on to the protagonists in 1935, so that they can eliminate a Yellow Peril threat emanating from China and Moscow, and cleanse the planet of its ailment. The Ghastly Dew (1932), another Future War tale in which the Channel Tunnel threatens the UK, is of moderate interest. Some of Glossop's other novels were vanity-published. [JC]

Captain Reginald Glossop

born Newland, Yorkshire: 1880

died Algeciras, Spain: 10 April 1955



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