Glyn, Coralie

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(1866-1928) UK author whose work focused on the social problems of working-class women – she herself was a member of the Carr Glyn family, sister of the fourth Baron Wolverton, and related by marriage to Charles Kingsley [see The Encyclopedia of Fantasy under links below]. The Idyll of the Star-Flower (1895) concerns the early-Christian quest of a Norseman for the eponymous flower, which will heal the world if found; A Woman of To-Morrow: A Tale of the 20th Century (1896) is a Sleeper Awakes tale whose female protagonist is disturbed by evidences that in 1996 her sex has gained equality with men. [JC]

The Honourable Alice Coralie Glyn

born 5 November 1866

died Tunbridge Wells, Kent: 28 September 1928



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