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US specialist Small Press founded in 1948 by Martin Greenberg and David A Kyle. It was the most eminent of the fan publishers of sf, and produced more than 50 books, surviving into the early 1960s. It published many of the major sf authors, and in some cases, as with Robert E Howard's Conan series (published in 6 books 1950-1955) and Isaac Asimov's Foundation series (published in 3 books 1951-1953), was responsible for the manner in which their stories were collected into book form. Other authors included Arthur C Clarke, Robert A Heinlein and C L Moore. An associated imprint was Greenberg: Publisher, and in 1958 Gnome Press bought out the stock of Fantasy Press. Most of Gnome Press's books were hardcover, but some saw simultaneous softcover editions. Gnome Press was important in the transitional period between Genre SF as a magazine phenomenon and its arrival in mass-market book Publishing. [MJE/PN]

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