Gojira 1985

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Film (1985; vt Godzilla 1985). Toho/New World. Directed by Kohji Hashimoto, R J Kizer. Written by Shuichi Nagahara, Lisa Tomei, from a story by Tomoyuki Tanaka. Cast includes Raymond Burr (US version), Keiju Kobayashi and Ken Tanaka. 120 minutes, cut to 91 minutes USA and 87 minutes UK. Colour.

The original screenplay from Gojira (1954) is not credited, but this is effectively a remake of the first film; although it purports to be a sequel, it ignores the other 14 sequels as if they had never happened. Again the radioactive giant Dinosaur attacks ships, then destroys Tokyo. Again footage starring Burr as a reporter is spliced in for the US market (the US/UK versions are half an hour shorter than the Japanese). The plotting is dire; its main genuflection to modernity is the Japanese opposition to US and Russian insistence that Gojira should be nuked. The dialogue and characterization of this Monster Movie are laughable; but the special effects are better than the first time around. [PN]


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