Gopčević, Spiridion

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(1855-1928) Austro-Hungarian journalist, travel-writer and astronomer who sometimes wrote as by Leo Brenner, and who first came to notice with his purportedly first-hand account of a Western Balkan tradition of female-to-male cross-dressing, those who lived in this fashion being known as Tobelija; in Oberalbanien und seine Liga (1881), he depicts the phenomenon in ways which no Gender theorist would today find remotely palatable. He is of modest sf interest for a Future War tale, Der grosse Seekrieg im Jahre 1888 (original untraced; trans Fritz Hauch Eden Crowe as The Conquest of Britain in 1888, and the Sea Fights and Battles That Led to It 1888 chap). [JC]

Spiridion Gopčević

born Trieste, Austro-Hungarian Empire [now Italy]: 9 July 1855

died ?Berlin: 1928



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