Graham, P Anderson

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(1856-1925) UK author on rural themes whose Ruined Earth novel, The Collapse of Homo Sapiens (1923), written in the apocalypse-obsessed aftermath of World War One, identifies the fall of civilization with the defeat of the UK by an alliance of coloured powers (see Race in SF) and socialists, which itself soon disintegrates, leaving the remnants of humanity to huddle in primitive settlements in the woods. The time traveller (see Time Travel) who is moved 200 years forward to witness these consequences puts much of the blame for the UK's unreadiness upon trade-union nihilists. [JC]

Peter Anderson Graham

born Crookham, Northumberland: 1856 [possibly born Ford, Northumberland]

died Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire: 25 October 1925



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