Grant, Robert

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(1852-1940) US judge and author chiefly remembered for Unleavened Bread (1900). With John Boyle O'Reilly (1844-1890), an Irish writer who escaped Australian exile to live in the USA, J S of Dale (a pseudonym of US lawyer and diplomat Frederic Jesup Stimson) and J T Wheelwright (1856-1925), also a New England lawyer, Grant wrote The King's Men: A Tale of To-morrow (1884), set in a republican UK around the 1940s, during a period of Royalist rebellion (like that of Bonnie Prince Charlie 200 years earlier). There is a great deal of tangled Future War action, and some sf artillery. Republicanism triumphs. [JC]

Robert Grant

born Boston, Massachusetts: 24 January 1852

died 19 May 1940



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