Greatorex, Wilfred

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(1922-2002) UK editor, producer and scriptwriter for various Television series, most of them initially created by him as well, beginning with Probation Officer (1959-1962). He is of sf interest for 1990, creating and writing most of the scripts for this thirteen-part television series, as well as participating in a novelization Tied to the series, 1990 (1977), the main writer being Maureen Gregson. [JC]

Wilfred Greatorex

born Liverpool, England: 27 May 1922

died Taplow, Buckinghamshire: 14 October 2002


  • 1990 (London: Sphere Books, 1977) with Maureen Gregson [tie to the television series: pb/]
  • 1990: Book 2 (London: Sphere Books, 1978) with Maureen Gregson and Edmund Ward [tie to the television series: pb/]


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