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Pseudonym of UK author Emily Barr (1971-    ) who under her own name has written several travel books, twelve nonfantastic novels, and at least three nonfantastic young adult tales. We Hear Voices (2020) as by Green, set in the Near Future after a coronavirus-like Pandemic (see also Disaster) has savaged the planet, focuses on a young boy under the influence of an "imaginary friend" named Delfy, who may or may not be an exudate from the deadly flu (see Doppelganger; Horror in SF), and who leads his human charge into dark waters. As the tale unfolds, it turns out that many surviving children also have imaginary friends, who or which may have something to do with the surveillance capitalism that continues to rule in the ruins. [JC]

Emily Barr

born UK: 11 October 1971


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