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(?   -    ) UK small-press author in whose first novel The Dreaming Pool (1998) a South Wales underachiever is threatened by ghosts, a secret society and an H P Lovecraft-style Thing; an early hint at extra-terrestrial incomers (see Aliens) leaves the true nature of events around the titular pool suitably unresolved. Greenwood's distinctive mix of sf, Horror, Religion, noir thriller and social observation reappeared in three further books culminating in the well-received post-Steampunk novella Jigsaw Men (2004), since which Greenwood has been disappointingly unproductive. [DR]

Gary Greenwood




  • The Dreaming Pool (Cardiff, Wales: RazorBlade Press, 1998) [with introduction by Simon Clark: pb/Chris Nurse]
  • The King Never Dies (Cardiff, Wales: RazorBlade Press, 2001) [pb/]
  • What Rough Beast (Canton, Ohio: House of Dominion, 2003) [pb/]
  • Jigsaw Men (Harrogate, Yorkshire: PS Publishing, 2004) [with introduction by Mark Chadbourn: hb/Chris Nurse]
  • Kingston to Cable (Maesteg, Wales: Pendragon Press, 2010) [hb/]


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