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(1965-    ) US author who began to publish work of genre interest with "In the Wheels" in The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction for August 1990; most of his work is fantasy, though Raising Stony Mayhall (2011), a Zombie novel set in a cartoonishly but closely realized Near Future America, ambitiously and successfully treats the protagonist's life story in sf terms. Perhaps even more ambitious, and certainly more pyrotechnical than its calmly-told predecessor, Afterparty (2014) is at least externally shaped as a Near Future noir thriller whose protagonist is searching for the sellers – in the end revealed as Big Pharma – of a Drug called Numinous which gives direct access to God; overdosers, however, cannot escape the deity. The world depicted, with Avatars swarming through Virtual Reality, and Perceptions of reality levels deeply insecure, is perhaps reminiscent of Philip K Dick, though the cool immersed intimacy of the depiction of the world also evokes William Gibson. We Are All Completely Fine (2014) less complexly conveys a similar sense of the world (see also Horror in SF) through the quasi-gestaltish coming together of a series of psychiatric patients in a kind of coven, from the protection of which they attempt to distinguish real terrors from imaginary; in the end, none seem to be imaginary. Harrison Squared (2015), again evokes Horror in Fantasy, with specific references to H P Lovecraft, though within a Young Adult frame. Spoonbenders (2017), which traces through, the twentieth century a family with supernatural powers (but a tendency to flim-flam), provides a modestly Equipoisal take on the various Psi Powers on display, which include Telekinesis, Precognition, and other more supernatural gifts. Gregory is an author beginning to flex a powerful imagination. [JC]

Daryl Gregory

born Chicago, Illinois: 26 June 1965



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