Grimes, Lee

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(1920-2009) US author whose Ax of Atlantis: A Chandra Smith Adventure (1975) depicts its female secret agent protagonist's attempts to forestall the attempts of a kind of reborn Minos to re-establish the rule of ancient Crete. An earlier Chandra Smith adventure, The Eye of Shiva (1974), seems to have no fantastic content. The premise of Retro Lives (1993) is that a genetic predisposition can generate a Time Loop, causing the victim to relive his life interminably; Dinosaur Nexus (1994) invokes Time Travel tropes, as a spaceship travels backwards into a Parallel World version of Late Cretaceous Earth. [JC]

Lee Grimes

born Freemont, Nebraska: 27 February 1920

died Hamden, Connecticut: 25 October 2009



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