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Pseudonym of the unidentified UK author (?   -?   ) of The Monster Municipality, or Gog and Magog Reformed: A Dream (1882), a Dystopian prediction that socialist reforms will torture England in 1885; and How John Bull Lost London, or The Capture of the Channel Tunnel (1882), one of the earlier Future-War novels – if not the earliest – to warn against a tunnel connecting the UK to an aggressive France, whose initially successful Invasion here results in a brutal occupation of London before the enemy is finally driven back (see Battle of Dorking; Transportation). The man or woman who wrote as Grip is also cited as the author of Politics and Life in Mars: A Story of a Neighbouring Planet (1883), anonymous, in which a Technologically-advanced Mars is contrasted with backward Earth – though Darko Suvin, in Victorian Science Fiction in the UK (1983), doubts the ascription because the opinions expressed are Utopian. The author of these novels is not Edgar L Welch, who wrote regional guides as by Grip. [JC]






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