Grisewood, R Norman

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(1876-1923) UK-born author who emigrated to the USA in 1895 and was naturalized in 1921. He wrote two novels of sf interest. In Zarlah the Martian (1909), an instant Communications device allows an Identity Transfer between a Martian and Earthman, both of whom remain happy in their new bodies, though the Earthman – now long-lived, in an advanced society with Antigravity machines helping things on, and a beautiful Martian wife – seems to have had the better deal. The Venture: A Story of the Shadow World (1911) posits another transfer to another, but less interesting, plane of existence. [JC]

Robert Norman Grisewood

born Liscard, Cheshire: 17 June 1876

died New York: 9 February 1923



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