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(?   -?   ) UK author of whom nothing is known except that he was the author of A Mexican Mystery (1888) and its sequel, The Wreck of a World (1889). In the first volume, a brilliant Mexican engineer, descended from Montezuma, designs a self-feeding locomotive which, after his death, turns into a kind of Frankenstein Monster: malign; essentially indestructible; worshipped by savages in the deep mountains. (Hints that it/He is a kind of avenging spirit of the ancient Aztecs are implicit only.) In the sequel, set in the twentieth century, the locomotive has infected all sorts of engines with consciousness, who revolt against the human race, which has become extremely dependent upon them. By 1950, humanity has been driven from the continental USA; the protagonists of the tale settle in Hawaii, where they create a Utopia. The Wreck of a World is an extremely early example of the Revolt of the Machines tale (see Paranoia; Robots; Technology), and merits more attention. [JC]

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