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Working name of New Zealand teacher and author Amanda Hager (1960-    ), most of whose early work – like her first novel, Run For The Trees (1999) – was nonfantastic. Of sf interest is the Young Adult Blood of the Lamb sequence, comprising The Crossing (2009), Into the Wilderness (2010) and Resurrection (2011), a Ruined Earth tale set initially on an isolated Island in the Pacific, where a racist Dystopia (see Race in SF) has been established by white "Apostles", who rule the black islanders from a ruined cruise ship they have renamed Holy City, and who require adolescent islanders to give them their blood, to stave off a plague. The escape of the young protagonists from the island shapes the trilogy as a whole: other islands are similarly despotic; but a cure for the plague is discovered, and the Earth itself has begun to recover from apocalypse.

The Nature of Ash (2012) is set in a Near Future New Zealand internally beleaguered by a repressive and dysfunctional government, and externally threatened by an escalating conflict between two larger Pacific powers. [JC]

Amanda Hager

born Levin, Horowhenua, Manawatu-Wanganui, New Zealand: 26 July 1960




Blood of the Lamb

  • The Crossing (Auckland, New Zealand: Random House, 2009) [Blood of the Lamb: pb/]
  • Into the Wilderness (Auckland, New Zealand: Random House, 2010) [Blood of the Lamb: pb/]
  • Resurrection (Auckland, New Zealand: Random House, 2011) [Blood of the Lamb: pb/]

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