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(1935-2012) US author, born, educated and based in New York, where he set much of his fiction. The humour expressed in his novels is Yiddish in style (Haiblum was himself a Jew), especially in his first sf novel, The Tsaddik of the Seven Wonders (1971). Haiblum wrote a fluent though sometimes rather disarranged kind of comic sf, of which The Wilk are Among Us (1975; rev 1979) is a representative example, with its amusingly overcomplicated plot, its frenetic spoofing of the Aliens-in-our-midst theme, and its general failure to take hold of its materials. His attempts to amalgamate Yiddish humour and sf themes are of technical interest. Nightmare Express (1979), a comparatively ambitious Alternate-History detective novel, and the later Mutants mystery series set in the twenty-first century – The Mutants are Coming (1984) and Out of Sync (1990) – maintain a similar tone. After at least two extremely loose sf series featuring detectives – the Gunjer books beginning with Interworld (1977) and the Siscoe and Block books beginning with The Identity Plunderers (1984) – he began to publish non-fantastic detective novels. [JC]

Isidore Haiblum

born New York: 23 May 1935

died New York: 25 October 2012



Gunjer/Happy City

Siscoe and Block

  • The Identity Plunderers (New York: New American Library/Signet Books, 1984) [Siscoe and Block: pb/Paul Alexander]
  • The Hand of Ganz (New York: New American Library/Signet Books, 1985) [Siscoe and Block: pb/Paul Alexander]


  • The Mutants are Coming (Garden City, New York: Doubleday and Company, 1984) [Mutants: hb/Margo Herr]
  • Out of Sync (New York: Ballantine Books/Del Rey, 1990) [Mutants: pb/Alan Daniels]

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