Hale, Michael

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(1949-    ) UK-born author whose family emigrated to Canada when he was seven; now in the USA. Of his various novels, The Other Child (1986) is of sf interest for its description of the Upload of a dead child's mind or soul into a Computer environment which is already occupied – the tale is also obedient to the rules of Horror – by a murderous sentience, the similarly reincarnated AI mentality of a serial killer. A Fold in the Tent of the Sky (1998) features a private investigation firm whose agents are required to possess Psi Powers and which is pitted against a serial killer using psi-facilitated Time Travel to prevent his victims from being conceived or born; this repeated interference with the past threatens disastrous consequences to the fabric of reality (see Time Paradoxes). [JC/DRL]

Michael Hale

born Liverpool, England: 1949




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