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(1973-    ) UK author whose Richards & Klein Investigations sequence – comprising the short Nemesis Worm (2011 ebook), Reality 36 (2011) and Omega Point (2012) – features the eponymous noir detectives, one an AI and the other an Android, in a complexly delineated distant Near Future marked by the multiplex layers of reality and Virtual Reality that interconnect the 36 Pocket Universes signalled by the title of the second instalment, Reality 36. The prohibition of Avatars, inevitably honoured in the breach, does at points simplify matters, though a continuing susurrus of Memes and pervading lack of privacy leads to some unclarity. Threats to the worlds duly emerge, mostly via a renegade AI, in Omega Point. Haley's work for the Far Future Wargame-based Warhammer 40,000 sequence is perhaps less individual.

Two singletons are of interest. Champion of Mars (2012) is a Time Opera initially set at two points in the history of Mars, the Near Future, where injudicious Terraforming causes ripples in time, and the Far Future, which threatens to die; each era afflicts the other, complicatedly. Crash (2013) is a Space Opera in which – as usual with Haley's work – more than one plot and venue dovetail inimically. A Dystopian Near Future Earth, rendered dysfunctional through the insatiable greed of banal plutocrats, sends a Starship to a new planet, one unfortunately already inhabited by Aliens (see Colonization of Other Worlds). Haley has a habit of allowing his plots to thicken indigestibly, but more often than not his very considerable narrative energy casts sufficient light for his stories to be told.

Sci-Fi Chronicles: A Visual History of the Galaxy's Greatest Science Fiction (encyclopedia 2014), for which Haley served as General Editor, is a heavily illustrated encyclopedia of sf from 1818, organized chronologically, and with a strong emphasis on Cinema and Television. [JC]

Guy Haley

born Yorkshire: 6 June 1973




Richards & Klein Investigations

  • Nemesis Worm (London: Angry Robot, 2011) [ebook: Richards & Klein Investigations: na/]
  • Reality 36 (Oxford, Oxfordshire: Angry Robot, 2011) [Richards & Klein Investigations: pb/Richard Jones]
  • Omega Point (Oxford, Oxfordshire: Angry Robot, 2012) [Richards & Klein Investigations: pb/Neil Roberts]

Warhammer 40,000

Warhammer: Warhammer Heroes

  • Warhammer Heroes: Skarsnik (Nottingham, Nottinghamshire: Black Library, 2013) [tie to the Warhammer universe: Warhammer: Warhammer Heroes: pb/Cheoljoo Lee]

Warhammer: other titles

Dreaming Cities

individual titles

  • Champion of Mars (Oxford, Oxfordshire: Rebellion/Solaris, 2012) [pb/Dominick Saponaro]
  • Crash (Oxford, Oxfordshire: Rebellion/Solaris, 2013) [pb/Pye Parr]

nonfiction works as editor


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