Hall, Sandi

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(1942-    ) UK-born author, journalist and feminist activist, resident variously in Canada, Zambia, New Zealand, Australia, the USA and Mexico. In New Zealand she belonged to the "Broadsheet" collective, founded the NZ Women's Party, and publicly announced her lesbianism. In the Near-Future The Godmothers (1982), her first novel, two groups of women in a well-realized Feminist 2095 CE oppose patriarchal oppression. Wingwomen of Hera (1987), the first volume of the incomplete Cosmic Botanists sequence, is less didactic: the collision of patriarchal and feminist values is background for a strong plot with convincing societies and characters. Hall writes well; and refreshingly believes that a feminist future does not necessarily imply Utopia. Rumours of Dreams (1999) moves from the ancient Mediterranean to Near Future New Zealand, via the controversial memories (see Religion) of Jesus of Nazareth's smart sister. [MMacL]

Sandi Hall

born Cornwall: 1942




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