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(1941-    ) UK author who has published at least twenty-five combat novels, none of them with fantastic content, as by Shaun Clarke, and who under his own name is best known for his exercises in the sf of Paranoia, most of this material based on the notion that our planet – either at the ultimate behest of Aliens or of a Pariah Elite of humans – is investigating or governing us, or both. The Projekt Saucer sequence – in order of internal chronology, Projekt Saucer #1: Inception (1991), Phoenix: Projekt Saucer #2 (1995), Genesis (1980; vt Projekt Saucer #2: Genesis 1991; vt Genesis: Projekt Saucer #3 1995), Projekt Saucer #4: Millennium (1995) and Projekt Saucer #5: Resurrection (1999) – connects UFOs and superscience in a global conspiracy involving a Scientist whose Projekt Saucer – the secret construction of a deadly flying saucer – almost created a Hitler Wins situation at the end of World War Two and who has since advanced his dreams by other means – including the creation of a Cyborg army – from the Antarctic. Otherworld (1984) collapses under the burden of attempting to make stylistic bricks out of material of this sort, but The Light of Eden (1987; vt Eden 1987) more successfully follows the psychiatric examination of some humans who gradually make it clear that they are not in fact hallucinating an alien presence in the land. Dream Maker (1991) suggests that UFOs in need of energy from human minds are sucking holes in the ozone layer. [JC]

William Allen Harbinson

born Belfast, Northern Ireland: 1941




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