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(1870-1926) UK author who began to publish magazine stories before the end of the nineteenth century, and who was very early to use the automobile in tales of adventure, an example being "Lord Beden's Motor" (December 1901 Strand). His first novels of sf interest, Dacobra, or The White Priests of Ahriman (1903) and The Princess Thora (1904; vt Dr Silex 1905 UK as J B Harris-Burland), were signed Harris Burland. The first tale sets in an occult frame a wide range of supernatural subjects including Immortality; the second, a Lost-World novel, features a race of lost Normans who have developed into Supermen of giant stature in an enclave at the North Pole. The Black Motor Car (1905), a tale of contorted revenge, features the eponymous vehicle, which is so fast it cannot be caught. The Gold Worshipers (1906) returns to one of the subjects of the first novel – the Transmutation of metals – in a congested tale of greed, gold-making and amply reimbursed remorse. [JC]

John Burland Harris-Burland

born Aldershot, Hampshire: 1 November 1870

died Pevensey, Sussex: 22 July 1926



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