Hartlib, Samuel

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(circa 1600-1662) Polish-born scientist, chemist and author, in the UK from about 1628. Hartlib was long assumed to be the author of an anonymous Royalist Utopia: A Description of the Famous Kingdome of Macaria, Shewing its Excellent Government. wherein the Inhabitants Live in Great Prosperity, Health and Happiness: The King Obeyed, the Nobles Honoured, and All good Men Respected: Vice Punished, and Virtue Rewarded. An Example to Other Nations. In a Dialogue Between a Schollar and a Traveller (1641 chap), though in fact the text was drafted or perhaps entirely written by a colleague, Gabriel Plattes (circa 1600-1644). The tract's conservative arguments are clearly adumbrated in the subtitle. [JC]

see also: R H Esquire.

Samuel Hartlib

born Elbing, Poland: circa 1600

died London: 10 March 1662



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