Hasse, Henry

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(1913-1977) US fan and sf author who frequently worked in collaboration with others – notably A Fedor, with whom he published his first story "The End of Tyme" (November 1933 Wonder Stories) and its sequel in the Tyme sequence, "The Return of Tyme" (August 1934 Wonder Stories); Emil Petaja, whose pseudonym E Theodore Pine he once shared; and Ray Bradbury, with whom he collaborated on Bradbury's first professional story, "Pendulum" (November 1941 Super Science Stories). His best-known story is the novelette "He Who Shrank" (August 1936 Amazing), whose narrator undergoes Drug-induced Miniaturization, visiting a succession of nested universes whose progression towards the infinitely small eventually loops back to the infinitely large (see Great and Small). His one sf novel in book form, The Stars Will Wait (1968), is a Space Opera. [JC/DRL]

see also: Recursive SF.

Henry Louis Hasse

born Indiana: 7 February 1913

died Los Angeles, California: 20 May 1977



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