Hawksley, Humphrey

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(1964-    ) UK journalist and author, very well known for his work as a foreign correspondent in the Far East; his novels constantly press into sf readings after the pattern of most Technothrillers set in the very Near Future, though it is certainly the case that tales like his first, Dragonstrike: The Millennium War (1997) with Simon Holberton, and his fourth, Dragonfire (2000), unmistakably deal in more than a teasing fashion with the lead-up to and waging of versions of World War Three. The History Book (2007; vt Security Breach 2008), in which a Near Future undercover agent finds her Paranoia about political surveillance entirely justified, is also seriously enough articulated to be understandable in sf terms. [JC]

Humphrey Hawksley

born Great Britain: 1964




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