Hemming, Norma K

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(1928-1960) UK-born sf fan and author, in Australia from 1949; she began publishing work of genre interest, usually as N K Hemming, with "Loser Take All" (Winter 1950/1951 Science Fantasy #3) and "Death Ray for Roma" (October 1951 Thrills Incorporated #16), releasing about twenty further stories before her early death, including "Amazons of the Asteroids" (November 1951 Thrills Incorporated #17), a Utopia. The Norma K Hemming Award (see Awards) was founded in 2009, and is given – rather on the model of the James Tiptree Jr Award – for "excellence in the exploration of themes of race, gender, class and sexuality". [JC]

Norma Kathleen Hemming

born Ilford, Essex: 1928 [birth registered in third quarter of the year]

died Melbourne, Victoria: 4 July 1960


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