Hemry, John G

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(1956-    ) US author of Military SF sequences: the Stark series, beginning with Starks' War (2000) and ending with Stark's Crusade (2002), features near space conflict in the Near Future; the Paul Sinclair, beginning with A Just Determination (2003) and ending with Against All Enemies (2006), features an adept legal officer in a Space Opera frame reminiscent of the Nick Seafort books by David Feintuch; and the Lost Fleet sequence, beginning with The Lost Fleet: Dauntless (2006) and ending with The Lost Fleet: Beyond the Frontier: Dreadnought (2011), all as by Jack Campbell, with further volumes likely, features Captain John Black Jack Geary in his attempts to shape human resistance to an Alien horde. [JC]

John G Hemry

born April 1956




Stark's War

Paul Sinclair

Lost Fleet

Lost Fleet: Beyond the Frontier

Lost Fleet: Lost Stars

Lost Fleet: Genesis Fleet

  • Vanguard (New York: Ace Books, 2017) as by Jack Campbell [Lost Fleet: Genesis Fleet: hb/Jaime Jones]

Pillars of Reality

individual titles


  • Ad Astra (Napierville, Illinois: Jabberwocky Literary Agency, 2015) as by Jack Campbell [coll: pb/]


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