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Miniature models based Wargame (2002). WizKids. Designed by Jordan Weisman, Seth Johnson.

HeroClix is a Collectible Miniatures Game based on Superhero Comics. Players purchase prepainted figures and then assemble teams with which to act out superpowered battles on printed maps. The figures are ingeniously designed, using a dial in the base of each character which is turned (or "clicked") to indicate damage taken, automatically changing the combat statistics displayed. The game mechanics are also well crafted, effectively conveying the flavour of 1960s superhero slugfests. All of the available figures are licenced, mostly from DC Comics and Marvel Comics, though the "Independents" set includes many 2000 AD characters and a special set is based on the Videogame City of Villains (2005) (see City of Heroes). HeroClix is a fast moving, enjoyable game which has no pretensions of artistic significance, but can be used to finally answer the age-old question of whether DC's Superman could beat Marvel's Hulk in a fight. [NT]

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