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Pseudonym of UK author Thomas Willes Chitty (1926-2014), whose career as a novelist extends from 1952, when he was (not very plausibly) associated with the "Angry Young Men" (more a journalistic invention than a literary movement) which included Kingsley Amis and Colin Wilson. His work of sf interest, Daymare (1980), takes a Dystopian view of labour unrest and the distress caused by strikes to rural areas. [JC]

Sir Thomas Willes Chitty, 3rd Baronet Chitty, of the Temple

born Felixstowe, Suffolk: 2 March 1926

died East Grinstead, West Sussex: 7 March 2014


  • Daymare (London: Macmillan, 1980) [hb/Mark Wilkinson]


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