Holtby, Winifred

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(1898-1935) UK author who espoused, in South Riding (1936) and other novels and essays, an informed, complex Feminism which was also reflected in her two Satires: Mandoa, Mandoa!: A Comedy of Irrelevance (1933), which is set in an imaginary Ruritanian kingdom in Africa; and The Astonishing Island: Being a Veracious Record of the Experiences Undergone By Robinson Lippingtree Mackintosh from Tristan Da Cunha During an Accidental Visit to Unknown Territory in the Year of Grace MCMXXX-? (1933): the Island satirized is not Tristan da Cunha, from which the bewildered protagonist hails, but a Near Future UK. A posthumous drama, Take Back Your Freedom: A Play in Three Acts (1939) with (i.e. completed by) Norman Ginsbury (1902-1991), hints prophetically at World War Two in its Satire of a dictator clearly based on Adolf Hitler. [JC]

see also: To-day and To-morrow.

Winifred Holtby

born Rudston, Yorkshire: 23 June 1898

died London: 29 September 1935



  • Eutychus: The Future of the Pulpit (London: Kegan Paul, Trench, Trubner and Company, 1928) [nonfiction: chap: in the publisher's To-day and To-morrow series: hb/nonpictorial]


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