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(?   -    ) US author of Comics from the 1970s, his best-known title being the single issue of Daemon Mask (1987) with Russ Martin. His first novel, Warp Angel (1995), is a conspicuous rogue singleton in the world of the New Space Opera: the more baroque, intensely conceived, transgressive form of Space Opera that came to maturity in the 1990s. In a four-planet system itself "warped" by the universal ban on Faster Than Light warp travel – the use of which had been weakening the fabric of space-time – a young street-wise female ex-assassin, married to an abducted religious guru, searches through the planet of Draconian and a concentric City called Dante for her man, who is simultaneously threatening to gain a kind of Judaism-inflected Transcendence. The style of the tale is deliberately (but at times uncontrolledly) shoved to max. [JC]

Stuart Hopen





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