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(?1972-    ) US Videogame designer and author of the Dire Earth Cycle – comprising The Darwin Elevator (2013), The Exodus Towers (2013) and The Plague Forge (2013) (for full titles see Checklist) – set in a Near Future Earth devastated by a plague seemingly introduced by the Aliens (known as Builders) who have constructed a plague-immune zone around a Space Elevator anchored in Darwin, Northern Territory, Australia. The rest of the planet is inhabited by plague victims, "subhuman" Zombie-like creatures. The protagonist and his team, who are immune to the plague, scavenge the planet in order to keep Darwin supplied. The relationship between humans and aliens unpacks complexly, giving a sense that the sequence may have only properly begun around volume three. A second series, however – the Dire Earth Duo comprising Injection Burn (2017) and Escape Velocity (2017) – shifts the action into interstellar Space Opera venues, with an emphasis on action. Hough remains a writer whose invigorates, even in his simpler tales; a harsh complexity marks his work to date. [JC]

Jason M Hough

born Illinois: ?1972




The Dire Earth Cycle

The Dire Earth Duo

individual titles

  • Zero World (New York: Del Rey, 2015) [coll: also containing "The Dire Earth" from the Dire Earth sequence above: hb/David G Stevenson]



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