House, Edward Mandell

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(1858-1938) US political figure – in his refusal of official duties rather like an earlier Bernard Baruch (1870-1965) – involved with President Woodrow Wilson in setting up the League of Nations; his urgency about the USA's joining the League played some part in his dismissal in 1919 from Wilson's inner circle of advisors. Philip Dru, Administrator: A Story of Tomorrow, 1920-1935 (1912), published anonymously, is a surprisingly wide-ranging exercise in Politics. After a cartel of corrupt business tycoons attempts to suborn the US Government, Dru instigates a new Civil War, in which his Western forces defeat the corrupt East; in place of the old US Government Dru establishes a radical Utopia that features universal suffrage and other "socialist" innovations. He then saves the rest of the world. House was usually addressed as Colonel, which was honorific. [JC]

"Colonel" Edward Mandell House

born Houston, Texas: 26 July 1858

died New York: 28 March 1938



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