Hunt, Samantha

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(1971-    ) US author who began publishing work of genre interest with "Famous Men" in Trampoline (anth 2003) edited by Kelly Link. Of sf interest is The Invention of Everything Else (2008), whose chambermaid protagonist meets Nikola Tesla in New York, where he was living in seclusion in the Hotel New Yorker in January 1943, at the very end of his long life; he tells her his life story, including the "Mad Scientist" speculations of his later years, such as the capture of thoughts in photographic images and other Inventions. Meanwhile her father, obsessed by his long-dead wife, attempts to visit her by Time Machine (which kills him in transit), while at the same time she becomes enamoured of a man who is quite likely in Manhattan as a time traveller from the future (see Time Travel). As hinted by the title, the novel is suffused with an epiphanic sense that Manhattan, and all it contains, has itself been (and remains) invented. [JC]

Samantha Hunt

born Pound Ridge, New York: 15 May 1971




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