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(1973-    ) US Comics writer for DC Comics and Marvel Comics, and author of Technothrillers with a Horror cast, whose first novels were published under his full name, though he more recently writes as Gregg Hurwitz. His first novel of sf interest is Minutes to Burn (2001), in which, tellingly, Mutant distortions of the theory of Evolution are found on an Island in the Galapágos archipelago. Ecological disaster looms. The Young Adult Rains Brothers sequence, comprising The Rains (2016) and Last Chance (2017), follows its young protagonists' attempts to escape an Alien-induced plague which transforms everyone over eighteen into Zombies; eventually the "Harvester" Invasion is defeated by the three youths. [JC]

Gregg Andrew Hurwitz

born San Francisco Bay Area, California: 12 August 1973




Rains Brothers

  • The Rains (New York: Tor, 2016) [Rains Brothers: hb/Rekha Garton]
  • Last Chance (New York: Tor, 2017) [Rains Brothers: hb/Patrizio Martorana]

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